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saving the earth – one film, pear at a time

January 13, 2009
this fall, some friends of minepicked up buckets (actually guitar cases) full of pears from a neighborhood tree in blacksburg. then we spent all morning coring, slicing and mixing the pears with some yeast, etc. – a few months later, pear mead! great gift idea and peary fun. yep, i said it. 


so a while back i decided to get involved with a local environmental film festival ( as far as research and prep go so far, i have been watching lots of pbs specials (the wolf that changed america), movies (the corporation; lorax), and short enviro films. my favorite so far has been Your Environmental Road Trip (YERT). my lovely amiga laurel first told me about these guys – a group of three that traveled around the country for one year, collecting stories and video about what regular folks all around the US are doing to change the world as we know it and create a sustainable place to live and love. from a museum created entirely out of trash, to a group in new mexico devoted to permaculture – permanent agriculture – these short videos are truly inspiring. I think this quote really sums it up: “if you have a bag of seeds, and you watch it grow, it will set you free.”

really makes me want to visit an organic farm, possibly through WWOOF or some such organic farming volunteer network, and figure out what it means to have a deep connection and relationship to food and agriculture, the most basic bits of existence.

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